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Call for Nominations

  • 08 Mar 2016
  • 01 Apr 2016
  • On-line


LAASP Call for Nominations

 Nominate yourself or nominate a LAASP member for any of the below positions:

 1.      President Elect – 3 years:

 a.     Year 1 President Elect:

                            i.      Chairs Outstanding School Psychologist Committee

                             ii.      Attends CASP Affiliate Conference

                              iii.      Organizes one workshop

 b.     Year 2 President:

                               i.       Organize LAASP Executive Board Meetings

                             ii.      Write LAASP Word Quarterly President’s message

                                iii.      Attend CASP Affiliate conference and CASP Annual conference

                                  iv.      Organize Calendar of Events

 c.      Year 3 Past President:

                                    i.      Provide guidance for President and President Elect

                                   ii.      Revise the Bylaws and Procedures Manual as needed

                                      iii.      Chair Nomination Committee

2.      Vice President of Programs – 2 years

 a.     Organize programs and events, including End of the Year Luncheon

3.      Unit Representative for SESC East, South, Northwest and Central

 a.     Attend Executive Board meetings (4)

 b.     Report to Unit regarding upcoming LAASP events, CASP events and UTLA updates

 c.      Report to Executive Board any concerns or events occurring in respective Unit

 4.      LAASP Website Editor

 a.     Manage LAASP website, update with events, pictures from events, current articles on latest published articles as it applies to School Psychology and Education

 b.     Respond to LAASP email account

 c.      Attend LAASP Executive Board meetings

 5.      LAASP Memorial Scholarship Chairman

 a.     Manage the scholarship fund

 b.     Solicit donations to maintain the fun

 c.      Distribute the Scholarship nomination forms to all LAUSD High Schools

 d.     Head committee to select scholarship winners.

If you are interested in any of these positions or which to nominate someone, please send your name or the name of the nominee (secure their permission first) to Beverly Williams, Nomination Committee Chair,  Deadline for nominations is April 1, 2016.



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